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Meet the Team

2019 - 2020 HRSS Executive Council

Laura Chartier


"For me, HR has always had my attention. I grew up around family friends that have worked in HR for years and have always enjoyed the experiences and stories they've had to share. Because of this, HR seemed like a natural path for me to take."

Mikaila Ortynsky

VP Academic

"I wanted to be an accountant when I came to Edwards , but after joining the HRSS in my first year of university and talking to senior students on the club, I realized the vast array of disciplines within the discipline. HR is a combination of my three favourite things: business, psychology, & law!"

Taryn Leason

VP Marketing

"I knew early on my career must involve communicating and collaborating with people daily. I was drawn to human resources when I discovered the magnitude of career options within the discipline... and since I couldn’t stomach the medical field."

Jordan Reed

VP Social

"When choosing a career path, I knew it had to be something where I would be helping people become the best versions of themselves and working with the public. I enjoy that there are many different branches of Human Resources and there is always new things to learn. "

Nassef Malik

Director of Finance

Gareth Royeppen

Social Events Coordinator

"What drew me HR are the interactions you get to share with people on a daily basis and getting to have a better understanding of people."

Kendra Varjassy

Social Events Coordinator

" I chose to major in HR because I enjoy working with and being around people! Also, after talking to a few professionals in the field, many of them mentioned how every day is different and unique in HR and that was another thing that really drew me to a career in this field. "

Amal Khan

Graphic Design Coordinator

"I’ve always been drawn to working in an office environment. Since I find it easy to talk with people and enjoy helping people, HR was a natural fit for me."

Griffin Moodley

Academic Events Coordinator

"I was drawn to HR when I realized that finance and accounting were approximately as much fun as chewing on broken glass. Additionally, my interest in facilitating solutions to individual workplace issues was likely a great boon to my HR passions."

Kimberly Kennedy

Academic Events Coordinator

"I always knew I wanted to work closely with people and as I began to study the HR field, I found that all it encompasses aligns with my passions. I love to see businesses excel with the best suited employees in the right positions. And I love the idea of furthering people’s careers and always helping them to exceed."

Jordan Feher

Logistics Director

"I like HR because it allows me to interact with different kinds of people. I had the luck of working in HR over the summers and I was immediately hooked. I am excited for what this year, the HRSS, and the future have in store."

Harleen Arora

Internal Events Coordinator

"I am yet to pick a major but most definitely inclined towards HR. I’d love to know more about interesting concepts like workplace culture and how diverse the field of HR is. Roles that make a difference in people’s lives and simultaneously build organizational environment excite me deeply."

Bailey Fehr-Lawrence

Club Photograpgher

"I was initially drawn to HRSS as a resource to learn more about my major and to meet more classmates within my major. I have also recently discovered it's much more meaningful to feel apart of Edwards, rather than just attending; and by doing so I have found a fun and accepting community."

Drew Beavers 

Media Coordinator 

"I chose to major in Human Resources because I strongly believe that the workplace should be a positive and organized environment. Since majority of people will be spending long hours working, I want to be the one who regulates a beneficial workplace for them."

Sofia Larmour

Academic Events Coordinator